Here at Stone World there is never a shortage of content. We work hard to make sure we are producing a diverse range of editorial features to satisfy all of our audience’s needs. From technical tips, and machinery and tooling roundups, to fabricator case studies and project spotlights, we hope you find our website to be the pulse of the industry. We also regularly update our site with the latest industry news, as well as product introductions. And with our evolution into digital technology, we not only share written features, but podcasts and videos too.

While we have a web-first approach to sharing our content, a significant portion of it makes its way into our weekly eNewsletters, monthly eMagazine and social media platforms. Again, we try to include something for everyone in each of these outlets.

Getting out to industry trade shows and other industry events is one of the main ways we stay on top of what’s new and hear what our industry members have to say. You will find in this edition of our eMagazine an excerpt about working with porcelain slabs that we put together from a fabricator roundtable moderated by the Stone Fabricator’s Alliance at the StonExpo this year. We also have a recap of the Stone Industry Education event we held in Birmingham, AL. The discussion was led by Blake Christensen of Valley View Granite and a member of the Natural Stone Institute executive board, and attendees were very interactive – sharing their experiences with each other and asking questions – which we are always happy to see!

Balancing this issue out is a beautiful residential project featuring Texas limestone throughout the interior and exterior design. What I really liked about working on this feature was the architect reached out to me to tell me about it. As you know, we always encourage you to share your story or ideas with us. Besides attending in-person events, this is how we learn what is new. So once again, I am giving a call out for you to contact the Stone World team if you would like to tell us about your company or the work you did on a beautiful project – or if you would like us to cover a certain topic. Call, email or grab us if you see us walking by at a trade show or other industry event. We will always be happy to hear from you.