Antolini® responds in a highly effective way to the demands of designers who find, in more than 50 different proposals of the Textures+ Collection, as many styling tools. Through the skillful surface processing of natural stones, architects, stylists and interior decorators will be able to choose the most effective solution for each specific project, from both functional and stylistic points of view.

By applying an outstanding technological process, the result of an articulated path of innovation, Antolini can transform and enhance natural stone by offering unique and highly tactile finishes in three dimensions. The variety of proposals adapts to the most diverse contexts, from residential projects to interventions in the retail and contract areas and is presented as a solution for both walls and highly impressive floor coverings.

Antolini introduces eight new options in the Textures+ Collection. Each performing the concept differently, presenting itself as a design solution capable of meeting functional demands while elevating the overall style of the project. The eight new finish options include: Bamboo, Flexwaves, Flut, Hard Rock, Hydro, Safe, Stratos and Swing. 

Antolini guarantees non-slip safety without compromising the final aesthetics.

The processing is perceptible only by touch, and the material's characteristics remain unchanged: color and veining are not altered.

Pictured is the Stratos finish. Delicate and light, the pattern brings out the veining and colors of the stone through the succession of thin parallel lines that emphasize the quality of the raw material and frame it. The greater the number of veins, the stronger the contrast with the geometry of the processing.

Natural stone is hence becoming an ever-evolving material capable of providing constantly changing answers for unique projects; the preciousness of and every single stone is now complemented by the possibility of choosing processed surfaces and innovative finishes, further proof of how stone constitutes a multitasking design tool.