NEW YORK, NY -- Nemo Tile + Stone, a New York City-based provider of top-performing surface materials, announces the launch of Dylan, a new line of porcelain tile inspired by metal and the instinctive nature of the elements. The new collection offers six color options—Zinc, Patina, Corten, Lead, Steel and Oxidized—in a natural finish, and two rose decor patterns that offer a wallpaper effect, Drip Rose Light and Drip Rose Dark. The extensive collection allows for the simultaneity of multiple styles and applications, creating an environment with charisma in commercial, residential, hospitality, outdoor spaces and more.

“The interplay of gloss and satin, created by combining the enamel, gives Dylan a visual movement that enriches any space and aesthetic,” says Katie Michael-Battaglia, creative and design director at Nemo Tile + Stone. “Its’ expansive palette of colors, sizes and finishes caters to various design styles seamlessly.” 

Dylan is available in a 48- x 48-, 36- x 36-, 24- x 72-, 24-x 48-, 24- x 24- and 12- x 24-inch format. Additionally, the collection features a 12- x 13 ½-inch hexagonal mosaic option, and a textured 3- x 12-inch brick format. The unique distinction of this option lies in the tile’s surface which features a gloss on the raised sections that becomes more visible as you shift your position, highlighting the movement of a textured surface. Special pieces for steps and baseboards complete the collection.

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