BOSTON, MA -- Artaic, a leading mosaic manufacturer that utilizes robotic technology and innovative design tools to customize, design, and fabricate award-winning mosaic installations, is excited to announce the launch of Designs on Demand, a selection of Artaic’s mosaic designs available by the square foot for quick delivery at a competitive price.

Designs on Demand features a carefully curated selection of designs from Artaic’s in-house mosaic collections that reflect current trends, popular and versatile designs that work in residential and commercial spaces, and distinctive patterned designs that offer a true mosaic experience that is more than just tile – it’s art. The initiative will launch with three designs: SoHo Stripe in colorways Turquoise, Pewter and Coastal; Adana in colorways Cabana, Dawn and Lavender; and Retrograde in colorways Dawn, Pewter, Cobalt and Cabana. Mosaics ordered from Designs on Demand can be manufactured and shipped in as little as two weeks, and up to six weeks, depending on the project scale and production demand.

"The mission of Artaic has always been to make the tile mosaic medium more accessible to everyone – from interior designers, architects and homeowners to artists, builders and tile showrooms," said Ted Acworth, CEO and founder of Artaic. "By stocking the tile types and colorways needed to create a unique collection of distinctive mosaic designs, we're enhancing accessibility for smaller projects that don’t meet custom minimums, as well as larger projects that may be limited by time or budget."

The Designs on Demand mosaics are priced at $49 per square foot (MSRP) with a minimum order of 60 square feet. Special trade pricing is also available, providing designers with an excellent solution for addressing supply chain delays, budget constraints or project deadlines. With Designs on Demand, Artaic offers a unique approach for anyone looking to incorporate art into their projects, or an artistic approach to using tile.

Artaic plans to introduce additional Designs on Demand mosaics throughout 2024. For more information, please visit