VERONA, ITALY -- Appointment February 27th to 29th at the Las Vegas Convention Center for the 2024 edition of KBIS - Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, where Antolini® will be exhibiting with a new design and exhibition concept. 

The main idea was to connect natural stones and “gameplay”, in an original experience for visitors, so that they could enter the world of Mother Nature and get to know the power of Cristallo Vitrum “Wow”, Patagonia Vitrum and Amazonite® up close.

The main stage involves Cristallo Vitrum “Wow”: Alessandro La Spada, interior designer of the new booth, has designed an articulated labyrinth that showcases the succession precisely between Cristallo Vitrum “Wow”, a natural stone part of the natural quartz geological family, and several mirrored surfaces. A succession of materials designed for the visitor to feel immersed among the natural stone and experience it intimately. 

Alessandro La Spada directly narrates the design process: “The semantics of the project was to have one main actor, Cristallo Vitrum “Wow”, whose characteristics are transparency and translucence. The goal was to make viewers perceive these properties, pause and reflect on the material to highlight its sensory qualities. From this goal, the project took off. Its layout is inspired by the geometry of the labyrinth and is designed to stimulate visitors to reflect on the sensations that the environment gives them. The focus of the exhibition is a compulsory sensory path through which the visitor can estrange himself from reality to focus on the beauty of nature and reflect on the characteristics of the material and the perceptions it provokes. Antolini has constantly had an absolute devotion to the work of Mother Nature and the sensations it evokes, going beyond the concept of mere surface materials”.

Once through the labyrinth, visitors will then be able to reach the other areas of the booth, where not only will rows of Antolini®'s different natural stones be displayed– including the Amazonite® quartzite and Natural Quartz Patagonia Vitrum, but examples of their applications will also be offered. Among all of them, a striking one is the backlit Cristallo Vitrum “Wow” counter: an example of how suitable natural stone is for building stunning architectural scenarios.

“KBIS 2024 is an excellent opportunity for us to showcase Cristallo Vitrum “Wow”, Patagonia Vitrum and Amazonite, in a context that combines inspiration and entertainment. Through Alessandro La Spada's project, visitors will have an immersive experience and a direct encounter with natural stone and its suggestions. These three stones reflect Antolini's ability to do research among the world's most beautiful minerals and to put into practice the innovation path in order to later introduce excellence to architects and designers”, states and closes Alberto Antolini, CEO of the company.