Lunada Bay Tile celebrates the talents of interior designers and remodeling pros by showcasing fun ideas and “tile tips” designed to energize two of the home’s most beloved and most used rooms – the kitchen and bath. According to Feras Irikat, director of design and marketing for Lunada Bay Tile, the expanded range of colors, textures and patterns available in today’s tile collections have made tile appropriate for areas anywhere in the home, both inside and outside, but nowhere more so than in the kitchen and bath.

“Trends may come and go, but tile has staying power,” said Irikat. “Interesting formats, colors and materials allow for true customization, with tile designs that reflect today’s most popular styles, and also project emerging trends.”

Ideas to Inspire: In the Kitchen

In the kitchen, the backsplash is a blank canvas. “Not every piece of art is hung on the wall,” said Irikat. “Backsplashes are becoming a focal point. In the past, we have seen that sort of minimalism where the backsplash is the same as the counter or blends in. Now the backsplash is being used as a canvas to really put in a lot more personality -- not just the personality of the design, but the personality of the homeowner. The backsplash is a blank canvas where you could just load up your personality and your own style in that space.”

Mixing and matching colors, textures and patterns is another way to create a visually stimulating design.

“Soft maximalism, which is about saturating a space with inspired design ideas from patterns, colors and textures, and even contrasting materials, contrasting colors, contrasting textures,” said Irikat. “The more you mix, the more unique and personalized your space will be. And there is no better area to add texture than the kitchen backsplash. Here, you can use glass, mirror, ceramic, granite or any surface with ease. Even if you want to go all out and try a tile mosaic, the backsplash is the perfect place to do it.”

Irikat also encourages the use of color in the kitchen. “Invite color in because it creates high-energy spaces which are sometimes needed in environments like task-oriented areas such as kitchens,” he explained. “Consider nature inspired colors -- these are more than greens, blues or calming neutrals. They are colors that reignite our passion to nature….what is surprising, and unique and wow out there, including vibrant reds. We also have a lot of choices when it comes to patterns for flooring, for walls, from wallpaper to pattern tile, to pattern floors, to patterned wood, to patterned carpets -- it’s about pushing us to include more color, more joy, more energy and more art into our worlds.”

Ideas to Inspire: In the Bath

When designing in the bathroom, there should be an emotional connection, according to Irikat. “We don't just engage on a physical level as human beings, we engage on an emotional level,” he said. “And that's a lot more powerful. So, the more emotionally connected you are to your space, the more you are connected to your entire physical environment; the more you are in love with it. An emotional connection to a physical space is a powerful and profound experience. It goes beyond what we think about a place and delves into our deepest feelings. It is not just about the aesthetic appeal of the space, but also about how it makes us feel. It can stir up a sense of peace, comfort or even excitement. Happy memories associated with the space play a significant role in strengthening this bond. Just being in that space can transport us back to those moments, making us feel a warm sense of joy and contentment. Nostalgia also plays its part in this emotional connection. It combines memories and feelings -- creating a unique experience that reminds us of a specific place and time. It takes us on a journey through our past, provoking a bittersweet longing that further deepens our connection to the space.”

Irikat also said do not shy away from black for a bathroom design. “A soft black shade can easily transform and elevate any space -- whether you use it as an accent to a door or kitchen cabinets or go all-out and dress an entire bathroom space in this timeless hue,” he said. “Color forecasters at Behr Paint named the moody Cracked Pepper PPU18-1 as their ‘Color of the Year 2024,’ noticing that dark hues are having a resurgence alongside vibrant colors like pink and red.”

Also, consider making a bold statement in a bathroom design. “Bold tile accents produce a striking impression and create an attractive contrast, which is a growing trend itself,” said Irikat. “It's also a creative way to express your tastes while complementing your color scheme. You can exercise a great deal of imagination with tile accents. You could coat an entire wall with clean subway tile, or you might selectively implement textured stone as a backsplash around your vanity or in your shower. You can even use them on the ceiling as a unique feature.”