Willow Heights by Studio McGee, a new marble mosaic collection and part of the statement-making, tile trifecta launched with Ann Sacks, joins Canyon Lake and Novah porcelain designs, and rounds out McGee’s 2023 introductions. Two additional collections with Ann Sacks are planned for 2024. Willow Heights feature two mosaics – Brynn and Rylee – and is inspired by the elegant, yet commanding presence of parquet flooring, a style close to McGee’s heart and a medium incorporated into many of her personal projects.

Traditional by design, yet infused with a stylish geometric vibe, Shea McGee selected three marble combinations for a sophisticated, understated palette, masterfully combining the marbles to complement virtually any interior. “I have always been drawn to the history and timeless appeal of marble mosaics,” said McGee. “I wanted to create an updated take on this classic with a larger scale and softer palette than the high-contrast black and white designs we see often.”

As with many of McGee’s works, there is structure and balance that grounds the Willow Heights designs, a quiet sensibility that engages the senses and adds to its timeless appeal. Brynn is a frame-within-frame mosaic centered by four small marble squares, while Rylee incorporates a hexagon-within-square pattern.