Following the preview of the SpeedROC 3F at the Marmomac exhibition in Italy late 2018, the machine is now available on the market.

"The increased performance in combination with a reduced fuel consumption will make our customers satisfied", says Francesco Soffredini, regional product manager, Epiroc Surface and Exploration Drilling division. 

The SpeedROC 3F not only offers the same long reach and fast positioning as the well-proven SpeedROC 2F, but additionally features three rock drills which boosts productivity. 
"We have been testing SpeedROC 3F with great result in a limestone quarry in Germany. We reached an average of 1.5 meter per minute, which - in terms of drilling - means a length up to two kilometers per shift (8 working hours)", says Soffredini. 

Despite the new capabilities and features this robust machine is light, allowing it to utilize the same carrier as the well-known SpeedROC 2F. The light weight together with upgrades on the hydraulic-system also result in a very low fuel consumption. 
"This gives our customers a lower cost – and in the end a better total cost of ownership", says Soffredini. 

The new SpeedROC 3F also comes with several improvements for a smoother and comfortable all-round drilling operation. Equipped with a Radio Remote Control, the SpeedROC 3F allows the operator to always work safely with a good overview of the operation. The two new cameras on the front rail also allow the operator to work directly from cabin if preferred. In addition, the high capacity dust collector will ensure a good working environment.

The SpeedROC 3F is ideal for dimension stone industry quarries. The versatile machine has a flexible drilling capacity and excellent tramming stability, and its 360° carrier rotation and extensive boom reach means it has a large coverage area. Outstanding terrainability and fast and intuitive positioning also means efficiency. 
"The SpeedROC 3F always assures high speed drilling which makes this rig a perfect choice for granite, marble and limestone quarries", says Soffredini.