The new full-service AdventHealth emergency room at Flamingo Crossings Town Center provides trusted emergency care for the Central Florida community and Walt Disney World® Resort guests with an immersive Disney experience. As part of the state-of-the-art design and commitment to enhancing the patient experience, Artaic, a Boston-based mosaic manufacturer, created custom mosaics that reflect the Disney-inspired and water-themed setting of the facility.Using cutting-edge robotic technology and innovative design tools, Artaic designs and manufactures award-winning mosaic installations. At the core of their design process lies Tylist™, a proprietary software that prepares artworks from all mediums for mosaic with precision and creativity ahead of robotic assembly. For the AdventHealth ER project, Artaic utilized their popular 3/8-inch vitreous glass, which offers over 180 vibrant color options and various finishes, and is perfectly suited for dynamic and visually striking mosaic surfaces with the added benefit of cleanability. Artaic's design team and Pixar's esteemed animators came together to finalize the designs and transform them into the mosaic medium through Artaic’s Tylist™ software. The Pixar team shared invaluable insights into character design, emphasizing the transformative power of subtle lines and angles. Attention to detail, such as the precise placement of light on the character's eyes and the strategic positioning of the white glint was underscored as crucial. This collaboration ensured that the mosaic designs captured the essence of beloved Disney characters and themes, evoking familiarity and delight for ER patients. Additionally, AOA, the architectural firm responsible for the ER's design, worked closely alongside Artaic to bring the Disney imagery to life, gathering assets and providing valuable input on interpreting and refining the details of the Disney characters. This collaboration ensured the seamless integration of the mosaic designs into the overall ER design, resulting in a cohesive and immersive patient experience.The mosaic designs prominently featured iconic Disney characters and themes, including Dory and Nemo from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, as well as various characters such as, Marlin, Pearl, Sheldon, Tad and otters. The Moana mosaics beautifully depicted Moana herself, the enchanting waters of her world, and the intricate Heart of Tafiti. Adding an extra layer of artistry and craftsmanship, five out of the six mosaics showcased characters using meticulously hand-cut elements integrated into the grid-style mosaic, including two Moana designs that feature a hand-cut Heart of Tafiti detail.Artaic's collaboration with AdventHealth, AOA, and Pixar resulted in the creation of stunning mosaic installations that contribute to the patient experience at the AdventHealth ER at Flamingo Crossings Town Center. The mosaics bring the magic of Disney to life within the emergency room, fostering a sense of comfort, joy and familiarity for patients and their families.