Marmetta dresses the freshest and most natural interiors, standing out for its enormous versatility in combining with other materials and providing visual continuity. The tones of the collection reinforce this aspect by including two neutrals (gray and cream), suitable for recreating soft and discreet atmospheres, and an intense black that gives an elegant rotundity to the space.

With its peculiar aesthetic, this classic and natural product returns with an updated air and new decorative possibilities, bursting in as an authentically Mediterranean material that conquers interior designers and architects from all over the world.

To break the homogeneity of terrazzo, we propose a decoration based on the succession of concave channels that simulate a striated and architectural surface full of style and character. This proposal is particularly suitable for dressing different vertical surfaces, from full walls to pediments and even skirting boards, which complement the continuity created by the bases.

For all these reasons, Marmetta stands out as a preferential option for flooring and cladding in a multitude of spaces at home. Terrazzo is definitely back to stay.

The color palette of this stone, the textures, the soft details and its subtle contrasts make it a firm candidate as a decorative solution in all types of interior and exterior spaces.