A new portrait is added to the Shades collection: the splendid and colorful Audacity.

The work, entirely handmade by the Sicis mosaic masters, was born from the collaboration with the artist Willgom, one of the most talented illustrators of Santo Domingo, and the architect Ramon Emilio Jimenez Vicens, and is now the main character of the Maraca restaurant in Santo Domingo.

The place, counted among the best in the whole Dominican Republic, is located in the historic part of the capital and is a must-see for everyone who visits the city.

This work represents the pride of the Dominican woman and is made with the technique of artistic mosaic using tesserae from the Murano glass collections. It fits perfectly with the rich, multicolored interiors of the restaurant, giving it further personality and elegance.

With the Shades collection, the Maison’s stylists and artists want to enhance the strength of women, through their faces, and decisive and contemporary personalities. The almost palpable fabrics, accessories and jewels are pure harmony and become a language capable of overcoming cultural barriers, those limits dictated by disparities and discrimination.