Artaic’s Vitreous Glass offering is its most popular and versatile tile material. With an unparalleled color palette of over 180 colors, and several finish options, it lends itself to vibrant and dynamic surfaces of mosaic imagery. Artaic offers five size options – the classic 3/8-inch size offers higher resolution for smaller projects and ¾ inch provides a lower price-point for larger projects. The newest sizes – ½ inch, 1 inch and ½ x1 inch are inherently modular and can be used in grid style, classic and modular alignments.

The Artaic team transformed Van Gogh's, A Starry Night in Rhône - a sister work of Starry Night - into the mosaic medium for a stunning bathroom feature. Our design team translated this post-impressionist artwork utilizing 1/2" Vitreous glass in order to capture all of the fine details from the original painting. 

Given any inspiration – a fabric swatch, magazine cutout, photograph, original artwork, hand drawn sketch or simply a single word – their design team will collaborate with you to transform it into custom artwork.

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