Veined and warm like the wood of centuries-old trees that proliferate in primary forest: this is the color profile for Jatoba Brown, a quartzite that inspired the latest 4D surface by SapienStone. This archaic, enigmatic stone from the Brazilian subsoil, and inspiration behind SapienStone’s 4D large format ceramics (320x160cm) in two thicknesses (12 and 20mm), brings to life interior design projects which perfectly complement contemporary luxury. 

The dark shade, enlivened by fine yet intense, variegated veining that flows from gray to beige, from copper to rust, gives SapienStone’s Jatoba Brown 4D large format ceramics an innate ability to complement other materials such as wood, stone, metal and leather. A quality which also makes it ideal for vertical installation, creating sophisticated charm in residential homes or exquisite decor for contract projects, including hospitality, retail, restaurants, boutiques, offices and conference venues. 

Striations of tropical wood and iridescent metal reflections, re-imagined for the ceramic surfaces are enhanced by a lapped surface combining gloss and matte effects, giving Jatoba Brown a dynamic narrative that echoes nature, backed by superb technical and performance properties.

As a result of the full-body advanced technology developed by Iris Ceramica Group, of which SapienStone is part, this large format 4D porcelain stoneware is authentically consistent throughout its thickness and therefore lends itself to intricate profiles and cutting in complex design projects. The resulting countertops for wood or metal kitchens, dining or coffee table tops, shelving units and furnishings offer the natural visual and stylistic continuity so coveted in interior design projects.