Summer has arrived! And along with hopefully many warm sunny days and trips to the beach, I must admit it also gives me a period to recharge after a busy work travel schedule since January. The one great thing about all my trips to trade shows and other industry events is it keeps me up-to-date on current hot topics for fabricators, as well as product and design trends.

One discussion that keeps popping up centers around quartzite. We have shared several articles and videos on the topic, and sometimes I wonder if we are being redundant, but I see we are not. From handling the material to cutting it to managing customer expectations about it, quartzite remains at the top of mind for fabricators.

During Coverings a few months ago, I sat in on a panel discussion about working with quartzite. We share an excerpt of that forum in this edition of our eMagazine. Make sure to watch it.

In addition to technical topics, I have also noticed fabricators are becoming more interested in marketing and business management. I recently attended two of our stone industry education events, and a great deal of the focus was on best business practices. We have recently covered several topics such as “managing customer expectations” and “how to make money on digital layouts,” and hope to share other helpful tips in the coming months. If there is a topic you would like to learn more about, please do not hesitate to let us know!