Maintaining a stylistic and linguistic coherence, Stick represents the debut in the kitkat mosaic universe where the protagonist is the chromatic variety expressed through a palette of no less than 27 different colors, 15 in the matte finish and 12 sophisticated nuances in the glossy finish. In order to emphasize each nuance, 29x30 cm sheets have been chosen to allow even curved spaces such as columns, counters, etc. to be covered in an agile and ductile manner.

The Stick mosaic is composed of precious 2x14.5cm strips on 29x30cm sheets of full-body porcelain stoneware made in Italy and produced using green technology. In fact, the kiln for firing uses sustainable energy sources and part of the material used is recycled. A commitment that favors the environment, which is a distinctive feature of the group that in recent years has obtained the most prestigious certifications by becoming a Benefit Company and above all, by becoming a B Corp certified company. 

Ethics and design as the common denominator of a brand that starts this 2023 by presenting great novelties but that does not forget the social role that a brand can play.