Lea Ceramiche, a leader in the manufacture of very high quality and stylish ceramic cladding, launches its new website with a fresh image, new sections and uniquecontent. The clean, linear, and intuitive design capture visitors’ attention and accompany them in their exploration of Lea, with its products, most prestigious residential and architectural projects, and most significant collaborations with international designers.

While browsing the website’s many sections, one can appreciate how the various pages gradually lay outthe company’s attention to detail and reveal Lea’s essence: the perfect combination of creative spirit, continuous innovation, and technical know-how. “Lea Ceramiche’s new website expresses the vision of the brand,” says Andrea Anghinetti, Brand Marketing Manager for Lea Ceramiche,“its concept of articulating spaces and approach to living areas, and the way it interprets changes in terms of style and society. Through an enticing exploration of the various sections, the new website demonstrates that surfaces are integral elements in creating the personality of any environment and also contributes to showcasing the technology and research that define ceramic material and makes it acrucial and solid part of every project.”

As Nicola Bonora, Digital&UX Strategist for Websolute, partner of Lea Ceramiche and Panaria group in the definition of digital strategies, emphasizes: “The content has been organized according to areas that express the spirit of Lea’s products: creativity and performance. In this way,the same experience of navigation and orientation represents Lea and how its products empower new projects, in terms of both design and performance.On the technical side, the website was created giving enormous importance to its ease of use and the accessibility of its content. The project was born as ‘mobile-first’ and guarantees excellent usability on any device, from a smartphone to a large screen, so as to be compatible with the various needs of the broad audience it is targeting.”

Furthermore, the new website is also an excellent source of technical information and specific solutions for any topic: performance and functionality of porcelain stoneware, its many applications, and its contribution to the issue of sustainability.