I recently had a unique story brought to my attention. Celtic Marble & Granite of Murfreesboro, TN, was tasked with templating and installing what would become the longest permanent continuous bar – setting a new record for the Guinness World Records. The shop’s General Manager, Joe Upshaw, explained the owners of Humble Baron Bar approached Celtic Marble & Granite about the project and said their goal was to crush the old record, and in the end, they did by more than 100 feet.

“I told them I needed to see some drawings first to see what we were getting into,” said Upshaw. “I looked at it and thought it would be fun. It seemed like a challenge.”

The project was a collaboration between Celtic Marble & Granite; the supplier, Daltile; the shop that fabricated the quartz; and of course, the bar owners. You can read more details about the record-setting job here.

Would you be up for a challenge such as this? Through the years, I have met some fabricators who enjoy figuring out the difficult jobs. They have separated themselves from their competitors by being the shop that figures the puzzle out, so to speak. To take the project that others have turned down for one reason or another.

Also in this edition, we have a brief summary of the State of the Stone Industry presented by the Natural Stone Institute at Coverings. From labor shortages to supply chain issues, there are struggles fabricators are facing. Coming together as an industry to talk these issues out is one way to help combat them. There are also resources available and industry associations that can help.

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