With access to Google, websites and home improvement shows literally at the touch of our fingertips, many of today’s savvy consumers enter a showroom with high expectations. And while they believe they know a significant amount about natural stone and quartz products, it is not always the case. How should fabricators meet the expectations of their customers?

At a recent Stone Industry Education (SIE) event organized by Stone World and the Natural Stone Institute (NSI), and sponsored by MSI at its new facility in West Valley City, UT, Duane Naquin of Stone Interiors and current NSI president addressed this subject. “I don’t think customers are going to become easier to deal with in a year,” said Naquin. “I think we are going to continue to struggle with people who know more than we do, or at least they think that. “We can sit and complain about it or we can continue to do our best to deal with it and adapt to how we can handle a more aggressive customer.”

Watch to learn more about Naquin’s suggestions for improving the overall customer experience.