XIAMEN, China – The annual Xiamen Stone Fair will return to Xiamen, China, in early June.

The 23rd China Xiamen International Stone Fair will be held on June 5-8 at Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center (XICEC). The show will display stone raw blocks, slabs, stone products, machinery and tools.

The Xiamen event will also include other events, such as the Global Master Architects Forum, the Stone Infinite Product Design Show, and the World Stone Congress.

The show – considered the world’s largest stone-related event before COVID-19 – will also include attendees coming across China’s borders … something that’s been missing since 2019, due to the country’s prior policies on controlling access during the pandemic. China recently dropped its mandatory quarantines for inbound travelers.

Registration is free and, for foreign visitors, something that they should do as soon as possible. Signing up online will include benefits such as a QR code for show entry and the ability to apply for the event’s Hosted Buyer Program.

Show registration will also include an invitation letter from Xiamen Stone Fair, which is one of the documents needed to obtain a travel visa. And, visitors will need to apply for a visa in 2023, even if they hold one from a previous year.

Multi-year visas for China issued before March 2020, including the 10-year “M” business visa held by many previous visitors, are not currently being recognized as valid. Details on this are available here.

As far as any health screenings, current travel requirements only require a negative PCR result within 48 hours before departure to China. For more information on Xiamen Stone Fair 2023, go to https://stonefair.org.cn/index.html