Soon it will be the 2023 The International Surface Event (TISE), put on by Informa Markets, in Las Vegas, NV. Stone World had the chance to talk to Dana Hicks, the group director of Informa Markets, about the show and what people can expect.

SW: Over the past few years, we have been dealing with COVID. With this year’s show, are there any changes or anything people should be aware of?

DH: I think now we are primarily in a good place in the U.S., but we will forever be changed. Shows will have forever have adapted to new contact considerations, cleaning considerations, print list considerations and just a whole lot more sensitive to those things for health and wellness for everyone. So I think that’s where we are at. We are at the tail end, but I think we have many things in place that make our shows even better.

SW: Every year it seems like you are planning something new. What do you have in store for this year?

DH: So while it is in its second year, it is still in its infancy and so important that it is worth mentioning again. We have a half-day women’s leadership conference that really has some great [traction] to it. The interest level from the exhibitor’s side and the attendee side is really high. It is really poignant to our times. We have a great program of speakers and moderators, and there is a great wrap up reception for it afterwards.

We also have what we are calling a Start-Up Station. We are really excited about this. This is to give new entrepreneurs and new companies breaking into the business an opportunity at TISE. They put together an application and a proposal for a select committee to review and hopefully they are considered and given a free booth and marketing package. There will be a whole pavilion called the Start-Up Station, so it gives them an opportunity and gives our attendees a place to see new burgeoning companies on the show floor that are starting out.

SW: Is it too late to sign up? If it isn’t, how do I get a badge?

DH: It isn’t too late. First I recommend going to our website or google The International Surface Event or Surfaces or Tile Expo, and start there. There is a lot of big buttons to click to register that will give you the best pricing opportunity at the time. It’s a nominal charge and that will take you right to hotel availability and opportunities, and there will be a whole host of hotel [options].

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