Sintered stone manufacturer Neolith celebrated the opening of two new Australian distribution centers in Sydney and Melbourne. More than 200 architects, interior designers and representatives of the design community attended a grand opening event in Melbourne to see the company's design and architectural solutions for flooring, kitchens, bathrooms, façades and furnishings.

"Our international growth agenda Is just the reflection of the high demand our brand Is having worldwide, inspiring more and more professionals and end users globally," said José Luis Ramón, CEO of Neolith Group. "This has brought us to open two new distribution centers located In Melbourne and Sydney to satisfy the demand of the Australian market across multiple applications – especially kitchens, bathrooms and interior design decorations. Making this possible could only be done behind the passion and dedication of our global and local teams. And of course, we will continue to accelerate our growth in the Asia Pacific region where, early next year, we will continue to announce new openings."

For more than a decade, Neolith has been crafting innovative, state-of-the-art stone surfaces known for their design, quality and sustainability. After the strong investment the company has made in the Asia Pacific region, Neolith expects to reach an annual sales of more than 50 million euros in the Asia Pacific region in 2025, where it says it has leadership positions in markets as important as China, Japan, Korea or Taiwan.

 Based on a new formula, Neolith´s new generation of surfaces is silica-free, which is completely revolutionary as the lowest percentage in the industry to date and demonstrates the brand's commitment to be at the forefront of safety and sustainability. Moreover, 100% of the energy used for the production of this new generation of surfaces comes from renewable sources, and all the water used in the process is recycled. This new 3D printing generation surfaces is a first of its kind in the industry, allowing an integral design throughout the volume of the surface, in addition to offering brighter colors and new textures. An exclusive tool for architects and designers to turn their creations into reality with infinite possibilities, that positions Neolith at the forefront of innovation.

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