HAMPTON, NH -- Water Treatment Solutions launched a rebrand of its logo after 20 years in business. The Hampton, NH-based manufacturer of chemical-free, water recycling systems for the stone, glass and concrete industries announced that it has completed a rebranding. The new logo continues with the focus on the “water drop,” including a modern update that aligns with the company’s commitment to water recycling and always moving forward as a steward of the environment.

“This new clean modern look gives a nod to our past but focuses on the future,” said Paula Perry, president of Water Treatment Solutions. “We find the water drop keeps the focus on educating the industry on true, safe, chemical-free water recycling. Plus, the benefit of saving water in the local environment and understanding how precious a resource water is worldwide.”

“Every system is designed with quality in mind, manufactured based on our experience in the industries we serve and supported by a “team” with the skills and knowledge to maximize production up-time,” said Zach Trefethen, vice president of operations at Water Treatment Solutions. “The more our customers learn about the Water Treatment Solutions system, the more they understand the advantages of a chemical-free 100% Closed Loop Water Recycling System.”