BROOKLYN, NY -- Dal LaMagna, founder of Tweezerman and angel investor in IceStone, has taken over the helm of IceStone as its CEO. IceStone, is a leading manufacturer of sustainable countertops and surfaces made from recycled glass and cement. 

LaMagna founded Tweezerman in 1984 with $500 and a tweezer he designed for removing splinters. This led him to designing a precision eyebrow tweezer that became the foundation for a line of high-quality beauty tools. In 2004, Dal sold Tweezerman for $57 million dollars. His employees owned 20% of the company and shared over $12 million in capital gains and kept their jobs. As he did with Tweezerman, Dal is empowering IceStone’s employees. This includes embedding them in all levels of decision making, sharing profits and eventually ownership with him. The factory has been in operation now for 17 years in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. 

LaMagna is directing a massive clean-up and re-organization to increase output of its countertops. He is directing IceStone’s development of a non-cement version of IceStone using recycled glass called SpectrumStone Ice.

To celebrate LaMagna’s arrival at IceStone, anyone who orders samples at will get one of his famous Tweezerman Slant Tweezers and a copy of his book: Raising Eyebrows, A Failed Entrepreneur Finally Gets It Right.