In 2017, Coverings, the largest international tile and stone show in North America, established February 23rd as National Tile Day – a way to shine a spotlight on the benefit of tile in residential and commercial design, as well as to celebrate the timeless role it has played in architecture and design. Further calling attention to tile products, the exhibition held Coverings Connected, a series of webinars expanding on details about current product trends and installation applications.

“This is a way for us to celebrate this wonderful and versatile material,” said Alena Capra of Alena Capra Designs and Coverings Industry Ambassador. “It’s always exciting and refreshing to see what each New Year brings in terms of colors and trends, and 2022 did not disappoint.”

Capra said she first wanted to address the question of: Why tile? “Ceramic tile is a superior surface material,” she explained. “It creates dramatic first impressions. A surface can come to life with colors and textures.”

During the presentation, the seven benefits of using tile were addressed. They include:  


  1. Healthy & Hygienic
  2. Easy to Clean
  3. Water Resistant
  4. Durable
  5. Sustainable Surface Choice
  6. Fire/Smoke Resistant
  7. Design Versatility


Capra pointed out that unlike other non-ceramic products, many of which contain plasticizers and other synthetic material, ceramic tile is composed of naturally occurring materials extracted from the surface of the earth. Ceramic tile doesn’t contain allergens -- the surface is non-absorbent and impervious. Furthermore, it does not retain dust or pollen, it is inhospitable for dust mites and microorganisms, does not facilitate the growth of mold and fungi, and irritants on ceramic surfaces can be simply wiped away.

“Indoor air quality is crucial to our health,” she said. “Every indoor surface should be reviewed in terms of air quality. Ceramic tile is an ideal choice since it is free of these health concerns”

According to Capra, with ceramic tile being easy to clean, it reduces the need for harsh chemicals in our homes. “Its superior performance means less mess and peace of mind,” she said. 

When it comes to durability, ceramic tile maintains its original quality and lasts longer than most other surfaces. “The color is baked in so it doesn’t fade in sunlight or from cleaning,” explained Capra. “It makes it the right choice for exterior applications, as well. It can handle all temperatures and climates. It will not buckle or warp. It’s made to last and can be used for generations.”

In conclusion, Capra talked about ceramic tile’s design versatility. “The design options today are affordable and affectively limitless,” she said. “With vast array of colors, shapes, textures and designs, you can create almost any design in any décor for any need.”