Stone World magazine had the chance to talk to Stone Profits about resources to help the digital side of the business.

SW: How does a software like Stone Profits help a business with their inventory and their profit?

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Digital Software for the Fabricator

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Dylan Weschler of Stone Profits talks to Stone World magazine about digital software that helps the fabricator build their business

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SP: On the sales end we have a couple of different lead tracking tools you can use initially before you even quote a customer. We have a few transactions that we use that are all bundled up in our presales module. On the presales end that’s where all the initial sales data will get entered. We are also able to create quotations or drawing tools that customers are using nowadays to give estimated renders of what the kitchen will look like. We have a full scale purchasing module, that is flowing through the entire time. You also have some remnant tracking options in there as well.

SW: To get someone up and running is it a long process?

SP: Usually it takes us two to three weeks to get someone up and running. There is usually varying degrees with software when we are getting together a customer and planning out their install plan. Some people have nothing at all, doing quotes on a piece of paper then entering it into an accounting system and that’s it. Or others are coming from another software that does it all for them. We usually see customers get comfortable with the system after three or four weeks.

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