For the interior design of a luxurious residence in the heart of Treviso, Italy, architect Andrea Laudini chose beautiful and exotic stone varieties from Antolini. The Veronese-based firm has been working with natural stone for more than 60 years – always drawn to its magnificence and unique quality. 

It is obvious that the apartment’s stunning and one-of-a-kind design was inspired by the inherent qualities of natural stone. A dramatic statement punctuates the kitchen with a large island and niche walls made of Dalmata marble. Majestic with its optical alternation of black and white, the refined natural stone belonging to Antolini's Exclusive Collection catches the eye with its random pattern of unexpected geometries -- a work of art by Mother Nature that Antolini masterfully selects. The room is pure, fluid and harmonious.

In the main living space, Patagonia “Original,” an exclusive natural quartz by Antolini, was selected for the dining room table top and a striking and scenic wall behind the staircase where backlighting is evocative of what only nature has the power to create. The stone that nature has amalgamated over millions of years -- combining crystal, feldspar and black tourmaline -- features a succession of white veining with black and gray shadows. The natural beauty of Patagonia "Original" thus becomes a distinctive characteristic of the modern minimalism of the staircase and its surroundings. 

Moreover, Wild Agate Light forms a dazzling accent wall in a bedroom suite. The colorful composition of the semi-precious slab is set behind a soaking tub, appearing as a piece of art. 

Overall, the use of exotic stone types throughout the interior space elevates the level of design – providing a posh place to reside.