Cambria recently unveiled four new designs in its palette of quartz products. Following design launches in February and June, this introduction brings the total to 12 new designs and one new finish, Leabridge in Satin Ridge, in 2021 so far. The new designs, which are inspired by momentum, are defined by dynamic earth tones, rich burgundies and sophisticated grays. Stone World had the opportunity to ask Summer Kath, executive vice president and head of design for Cambria, about the latest product introductions, and in general, what trends she is observing in quartz colors, finishes and applications. Here is what she had to say:

SW: I understand momentum was the inspiration for these latest designs. Please explain how this idea came about.

SK: As we were looking into the future of 2021, the fall, a time when kids are getting ready to go back to school (hopefully in a post COVID world!), adults are also getting back to physical office spaces and people are starting to safely gather again at trade shows and conferences. More structure and a forward moment of change. This timing with our Q3 launch was perfect, as the tones of burgundy, used in Cashel and Notting Hill, certainly represent academia and a more structured environment. The veins of these designs also have a flow of forward momentum that are equally beautiful, set in their warm white background. The industrial feel of Clare, also represents industry, strength and momentum, which plays well with our theme.

SW: What would you like designers and homeowners to know most about the latest quartz designs?

SK: These news designs are very unique to the stone industry. There is really nothing like them anywhere in quartz or stone. The colorways of burgundy are quite on trend with the terracotta, clay and rust trending this fall -- both in fashions and interiors. We really didn't have anything in this colorway until now, and they coordinate very well with the cabinet styles we are seeing, which are organic and representing light to mid natural tones. Clare, the gray design with contrasting white veins, is a very neutral shade of gray that can work pretty much anywhere -- bringing a strong modern look.

SW: When it comes to home design, what are some current trends you are noticing in regards to quartz?

SK: In quartz, we are seeing a shift to warmer whites, with more interesting veining, rather than your gray on cool white that has been around for quite some time now. We are also seeing black start to trend up, but not overwhelmingly. More use in specialty areas, powder baths, bars and entertainment zones. Green is trending up in design. We launched several shades of light to dark greens that we are seeing take off this year. In fact, if you look at the recent announcements from several paint companies of the 2022 Color of the Year, they are all shades of green. It's the most neutral color and so versatile.

SW: Tell us about Cambria’s newest finish, Leabridge in Satin Ridge.

SK: The Satin Ridge is quite unique to the stone world. Two parts make up the beauty of this new finish. The sheen is a satin sheen, in between matte and polished, and the ridges are represented in the texture created in the contours and curves of the larger-sized quartz crystal veins. The gradation of the honey and white shaded areas are filled in within these textured contours, creating a completely new look that is soft, beautiful and very tactile. You just want to touch it!

SW: What are some considerations that are taken into account when developing new patterns and/or finishes?

SK: Without divulging all of our secrets, we certainly pay attention to the marketplace. What is trending today, and also, what we see coming into the future. When we design our quartz, we always want to create something that will live beautifully with the other materials and designs in the home. Harmony is important. We also seek to develop new looks that just haven't been done, maintaining our competitive edge in the marketplace, and innovating at every turn.

SW: Does Cambria have any plans to launch any new products before the end of the year?

SK: Yes! In 2021, we have already launched three times (total of 12 new designs for the year so far), and we have plans for our fourth and final launch this fall. And, there's new "effects" we'll be unveiling. Stay tuned!