TORRE MAINA, ITALY -- The classic and the contemporary merge in a continuum of beauty and innovative design that is revived in the design and stylistic innovations of Ceramica Fondovalle. Unique chromatic nuances, innovative furnishing solutions and surfaces conceived to satisfy the most demanding markets represent the range of new collections created by the Torre Maina-based company.

Plastic surfaces draw their inspiration from colored raw earths and retain the signs of manual workmanship that shapes and imprints textures rich in tones and chiaroscuro. Pigmento is the latest Fondovalle series that incorporates the land and its ancestral origin, making it the centrepiece, transforming it into a new, intense and deep surface. The seven colors, with their warm and cold shades, contribute to a varied collection where the new Matt & Deep technology is exalted as a true production revolution, successfully creating a combination of low-reflective and extremely three-dimensional surfaces, where the very low levels of gloss ensure that the interpretation of natural materials remains perfectly realistic.

The constant focus on the needs of designers and experts in the sector has guided Ceramica Fondovalle in its expansion of a number of ranges that have now become trend setters in the world of interiors. Amazonite, White Beauty, Sodalite Blue and Patagonia are the novel colors of Infinito 2.0, the porcelain stoneware collection that reinterprets the finest marbles in a ceramic style. Offered in four eclectic colors, with their striking appearance, applicable to a wide variety of furnishing uses, combining style and an avant-garde look.

The renewed awareness of environmental issues has generated a deep-seated trend of design that is bringing to life unique objects and furnishings inspired by the green movement. As a forerunner of this trend through the creation of the Dream collection, completely inspired by nature, Fondovalle has embellished the series with the new Garden decoration where colored and delicate textures create a “wallpaper” effect with all the advantages of stoneware: waterproofing, durability, tactility and ease of cleaning.

Building on its propensity for cutting-edge solutions, Ceramica Fondovalle has expanded its Shape product range, also introducing a tables line aimed at customizing the interior with solutions coordinated with surfaces while skillfully experimenting with interesting plays of materials and shapes. The technical and aesthetic potential of porcelain stoneware is applied to the world of interior design through a wide range of 12-mm-thick sheets, drawing on a vision of style that enhances the beauty of the material of inspiration, becoming a central feature of this collection of washbasins, shower trays, countertops and tables, elements characterized by a carefully chosen and essential design.

Each new product or series addition paves the way to a sophisticated and unexpected design, evolved through research and technical perfection. The meticulous details and the focus on current trends are qualities that have always distinguished the tendency and attitude of Ceramica Fondovalle, thereby making it a precursor of fashions in the field of interior design.