As you already know, Stone World recently transitioned to an interactive eMagazine. We have been having fun experimenting with new ways to bring you industry news, highlights and technical information. We hope you have been enjoying so far what we have been doing. Personally, I love how we have taken pages such as Machine of the Month, Technology Update and even Stone of the Month and brought them to life with video demonstrations. Jason’s monthly podcasts also add a different component. For those on the go, you can listen while you drive, walk or run.

With our goal to continually evolve for the benefit of our readers, we have also freshened up our website, Our intention is to provide a platform where you can find daily news updates and frequent new stories, including features on projects, fabricators and industry events, among others. We are making efforts to post more Web Exclusives, and the larger photos further enhance the page. Overall, we hope you find it easier to navigate.

Also on our website, you will find a poll question. Recently, I went to check it out and was pleasantly surprised to see how many responses we have received. I’m happy to know that our followers are turning to our website for information and even participating! 

The current question, which was posted at the end of 2020, asks: Do you expect business to increase, decrease or stay the same this year? An overwhelming number (1,015 votes, 93%) said they anticipate it to stay the same, while 5% (58 votes) believe it will increase and 1% (14 votes) said it will decrease. Given the fact that we are still dealing with the pandemic, this is a positive outlook. And as we have been saying all along, fabricators are busy. We can only hope this continues, and if this question is asked at the end of this year about 2022, the large percentage will say they expect business to increase. Look for a new poll question this month, and if you have a question that you would like us to pose to your peers, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Jennifer Richinelli, Editor of Stone World