FIORANO MODENESE, ITALY -- Aextra20 further enhances its design offer by adding the new 80- x 80-cm size to its product range. Available in five different collections -- Shapes of Italy, Quartz Essence, Materica, I.Mat and Meet -- the new size of Aextra20 welcomes the material suggestions of stone, wood and cement and gives a new look to outdoor settings, ensuring high aesthetic and functional levels.

Outdoors has recently become one of the new frontiers of experimentation in design, rediscovering green areas, even domestic or small ones, as an added value for well-being, as well as for new types of smart working.

Caesar has always believed and heavily invested in Aextra20 project, the system of single-piece porcelain slabs for outdoors that are perfectly squared and rectified, with a higher thickness of 20 mm, with anti-slip surface finish. Its great versatility is expressed in the wide range of sizes, colors, material inspirations and special pieces, as well as in the possibility of being installed in five different ways -- on gravel, grass, sand, with raised installation and with the traditional adhesive solution -- to meet the different outdoor needs.

The 80- x 80-cm size proposal is a new expressive input in the spirit of freedom and functionality. Its large size is nevertheless easy to handle and lends itself to creating attractive settings with a high degree of eclecticism and convenience. Moreover, it is extremely suitable for creating indoor-outdoor design continuity, thanks to the possibility of combining it with a wide range of indoor solutions in size 80- x 80-cm with a thickness of 9 mm.

The outdoor space is becoming more and more a protagonist of furnishing and design; Caesar proves to be the ideal partner to design together each and every environment of daily life.