Happy spring! For those of us who lived through a long cold winter, the birds chirping, flowers blooming and the smell of fresh cut grass are definitely welcoming signs of the change in season. Spring always helps me to feel rejuvenated, and especially after a year of being in a pandemic, it is a refreshing change.

Speaking of change, as you can see, we have been transitioning in the way you are receiving our content. April marks our third eMagazine, and with each new edition we continue to evolve and build upon the platform. On the editorial side, it is exciting to brainstorm and strategize new components we can add to further enhance the interactive experience. It has forced us to rethink our presentation. Rather than only the written word, we are realizing there are other ways to tell stories and share industry information. We hope that the videos, podcasts and slide shows we include are interesting and stimulating to you as well.

As spring is a time of rebirth, it makes sense that this is the time for many new product introductions. In this eMagazine, you will see that we cover machinery trends. We reached out to several leading manufacturers to ask how business has been the past year and what new technological developments they have in the works. All report that fabricators are busy! They also all agree that there is still a rise in labor shortage, and as a result, fabricators are turning to automation to aid in an efficient fabrication process.

I am sure Stone World is not alone in the process of change. If you have a story you would like to share about ways your company has evolved, especially during the past year, we would love to hear from you. We can all learn from each other, which can only lead to the greater good of the entire industry.

Jennifer Richinelli, Editor of Stone World