For three decades, Majestic Kitchen & Bath Creations Inc., based in Youngsville, NC, has continually evolved to grow its team and strengthen its presence as a leading manufacturer and installer of natural and engineered surfaces for the kitchen and bath market in the southeastern U.S. Owned by Scott Byers, president and chief executive officer; Dan Wascher, chief financial officer; and Frank Muraca, chief operating officer, the company currently has eight service locations and a staff of over 250 employees. Most recently, Majestic Kitchen & Bath Creations Inc. has focused its energy on further development of its multi-family housing market.

The company’s origin dates back to 1990 when it was founded by Danny Cox, who was a distributor of cultured marble vanity tops and shower surrounds, and custom glass shower enclosures. “Within four years, Cox introduced a cultured marble manufacturing operation and sales in the company’s glass division grew steadily and Majestic hired its 20th employee,” explained Byers. “Majestic continued to expand its manufacturing operations to fabricate cultured marble vanity tops and shower surrounds, natural stone countertops and solid surface materials such as Corian. By 2005, sales exceeded $20 million and 85% of Majestic products were being sold in the Triangle’s five-county region. Majestic has continued to grow and adapt through recessions, economic booms and the pandemic.”

With multiple locations and fabrication sites, Majestic Kitchen & Bath Creations Inc. has a collection of equipment for manufacturing. “We have primarily relied upon BACA Systems and Park Industries for our equipment and strategic providers,” said Byers. “Moraware has been our software platform of choice to help bring it all together. [Also], we rely heavily on our partnerships with GranQuartz and have leveraged our capabilities and partnerships with our Artisan Group membership.”

According to Byers, Majestic Kitchen & Bath Creations is sized to produce upward of 7,000 square feet daily with its facilities across the Carolinas. “We manufacture 100+ countertops daily or about 500 on a weekly basis,” he said. “And, through our investment in robotics and automation technology, we install over 5 million kitchen, bath and shower surfaces each year.”

For installation, the company has certified install and measure partners in each of its market centers. “They go through training, certifications and testing to ensure a safe, timely and quality outcome,” explained Byers.

Concentrating on multi-family housing

Majestic Kitchen & Bath Creations Inc. has eight service locations across the Carolinas that serve leading national and regional residential and commercial builders across the Carolinas and southeast U.S., including Georgia (Atlanta and Savannah), Tennessee (Knoxville and Nashville) and Virginia (Blacksburg, Norfolk and Richmond). “We have started to tackle multi-family housing projects across the southeast from Tampa to Nashville to Richmond,” said Byers, adding that multi-family housing remains a high-growth segment within the home building sector. “As a leading producer of kitchen, bath, shower and glass surfaces, we continue to see strong demand for our product from multi-family builders. We have doubled down on our focus in multi-family housing and hired Ken Leitch, who is our first director of multi-family relationships. He has the leadership and relationship skills to ensure we meet our clients’ expectations. Ken’s hiring reflects the importance we’re placing on investing in people to meet our clients’ needs. Ultimately, our client value is assurance of positive outcomes. So we continue to invest in people, automation and process to build certainty into everything we do. Ken is further support in this area to our team of estimators, project directors and project managers that support him and our sales team.”

Despite the pandemic, the company continued to pursue growth. “Majestic was deemed essential, so we have operated during the pandemic,” said Byers. “And we are grateful that we can provide steady jobs to our team members during these challenging times. Majestic has had some level of engagement in multi-family for many years, however, in the last 18+ months, we have seen significant growth in the demand for multi-family building, so we have expanded our focus across the southeast to meet that need. Part of our business growth plan is the recognition that process and procedures play a critical role in our ability to provide a high level of certainty to our clients through our concentration on operational excellence, product quality, on-time delivery and installation, and a culture of right-the-first-time. Collectively, these standards give our clients the assurance that Majestic is dependable and a highly professional trade partner, which is very important to them.”

What’s ahead

In the near-term, Byers explains that the company’s goal is to ensure that its employees remain safe and healthy in their workplace and at work sites “That is paramount,” he emphasized. “Period.” It introduced a “Ready Work” program to ensure the safety of its team, clients and community.

“In the long-term, we want the building industry to recognize Majestic’s distinction as the most professional trade partner,” said Byers. “To achieve that goal, we will continue to invest in the processes and our standard-setting AC1 program which stands for “Assurance Complete First-Time. This program underscores our belief that doing anything “first-time-right” is the only desired outcome we should be providing to our clients, and we will do it in a way that is efficient, eliminates waste and embeds sustainability. We will grow our geographic reach across the southeast through more future acquisitions. And we will continue to invest in robotics and advanced technologies to ensure precision in every installation we do and to help us achieve the scale we envision to ensure our output meets increasing client demand throughout the southeast region.”

Byers stressed that while Majestic Kitchen & Bath Creations Inc. is committed to its people and clients, the company is also very committed to the community. “We are particularly grateful to honor and provide financial support to our nation’s veterans,” he said. “Annually, Majestic holds a “Majestic4USTroops” charity golf tournament. In 2019, we proudly raised over $100,000 through the generous contributions of community leaders and area businesses, and all of that money went directly to wounded veterans in North Carolina and several service organizations that support these heroes. Giving back to the community and those in need is something we’d like readers to know about Majestic with the hope that they too will support people in need. We look forward to making that happen in 2021.”