Lapitec's rebranding project, launched in 2019 and developed in collaboration with Univisual, was created to reposition the brand within the luxury market, in the architecture and interior design industries.

The process led to the construction of an identity system - applied across all the marketing tools - where the logo is a synthetic and contemporary representation of a heraldic coat of arms, offered as a tribute to Marcello Toncelli, the founder of what is now a third-generation family company, and a holder of the Order of Merit.

In addition to the new logo and coordinated image, a new tagline was introduced – Naturally Italian – expressing the core values of the Lapitec brand within the design world, including the sustainable approach that underscores the company's ability to innovate and project into the future, through its technical expertise and wealth of experience. From a graphic point of view, the logo also evokes the profile of a sintered stone slab as well as the modularity of its many applications, from surfaces to floors, both internally and externally.

The new identity system designed for Lapitec was selected for its capacity to convey and express the brand, and for what I believe is its most interesting feature: the balance between rigorous design and symbolic visual communication» commented Prof. Gaetano Grizzanti of Univisual.

The project received an award in the “Identity” category of the WOLDA - Worldwide Logo Design Award, this year in its 11th edition. Participants were selected from over 40 countries and the jury was composed of experts from 5 continents: North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

«We are delighted to have received international recognition for the commitment of our management and communication team to pursuing a new vision, positioning our brand as a protagonist and ambassador for Made-in-Italy all over the world» confirmed Marcello Toncelli, the third generation of his family to take the helm of Lapitec.