Leninsky 38 is a new residential complex in the heart of Moscow, Russia, that combines traditional traits with modern aesthetics in an innovative wide-ranging project. The liveliness of Moscow’s metropolis is combined with elegance and comfort in an architectural solution consisting of three luxury buildings: a complex of business class apartments, a modern hotel and a premium shopping center.

The refined architecture of all of the buildings was curated by Andrei Romanov, a well-known Moscow architect, and the interior design was taken care of by the architectural studio of Atria Magna. The common goal was to create an overall style defined as “classical modern European,” combining consolidated structural and material values with contemporary functional and stylistic facets.

The ideal partner to meet this need was Ceramiche Caesar who, through the Moscow distributor Materialix, supplied the porcelain tile solutions for the communal areas with the Anima and Anima Select collections. Two high-end projects, where the porcelain tiles translate the intimate refined effects of the most precious marbles in Italy, creating environments with a truly unique style.

Marble is a natural material with great tradition that has defined works of art with an immeasurable artistic value all over the world and in every era. It is therefore a timeless material, capable of making its historical importance a constant and enduring value, to translate every architectural and design expression with a contemporary classicism.

With this in mind, the Leninsky 38 complex has been enhanced by the “Atlante Graphite” and “Nero” colors of Anima and Anima Select, respectively, which define the spaces with intensity. Their dark essence decisively contributes to decorating with extreme originality, enhancing the exclusive personality of the settings. 

Leninsky 38

Moscow, Russia

Architect: Andrei Romanov, Moscow, Russia

Interior Designer: Atria Magna, Moscow, Russia

Tile Manufacturer: Ceramiche Caesar, Fiorano Modenese, Italy

Tile Distributor: Materialix, Moscow, Russia