Since inception, TAB has been a name to be reckoned with in the field of cut-to-size projects. The company has successfully supplied a variety of projects to some of the most reputed and iconic structures all over the world, especially in the U.S. Different surfaces include granite, marble, sandstone, limestone and slate. Some of the notable projects include the James Museum of Western and Wildlife Art in St. Petersburg, FL; the Papago Gateway Center in Tempe, AZ; the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, AZ; the Robert and Margret Mondavi Center for Performing Arts in San Diego, CA; and the Mall of Russia in Moscow, Russia. These projects and many more can also be seen with pictures on TAB’s website:

Apart from the above, TAB has regularly supplied projects of a highly confidential nature to various governments — buildings which are of high security and non-disclosure in nature, for example, many U.S. Embassies around the world. For the success of every project, TAB works with architects, designers, clients and general contractors to create dry mock-ups of specified products before installation to completely control quality, shade and other variables inherent in natural stone. Materials are then sent directly to building sites in sequence for perfectly timed installations. A complete control set of samples is kept at the factory for reference and further control, ensuring no surprises or deviations at any level from agreed-upon parameters.

“Supplying our unique stones in different finishes to projects, which have become landmarks in their respective cities and countries, is the best validation for our work we can ever get,” said Amit Gupta, CEO of TAB. “The creative and professional satisfaction in seeing these come alive, in our material – whether it is for cladding or interiors, kitchens or bathrooms – is an amazing feeling and to be able to identify with these feels like our name will be remembered as long as these buildings and structures are around.” 

TABQUARTZ, the high-density quartz surface from TAB is the newest addition to the arsenal. Expanding its offering from natural stones only up until a few years ago, TAB now offers quartz surfaces. To scale up its cut-to-size capabilities, TAB has invested in some additional machinery to fortify its position as a cut-to-size and pre-fabricated countertop manufacturer. Some of the latest additions include:

CMS Brembana CNC Machining Center:
This 3-4 axes CNC machining center with a rotating table increases fabrication capabilities by a staggering 50% when compared to a conventional CNC machine. It can perform any raw and polished contouring, as well as milling, drilling, pocketing, conical hole, drain boards, bevelling, bas relief and engraving, as well as writing. This machine comfortably produces the highest-quality kitchen countertops with edge profiles ranging from a full bullnose, top and bottom chamfer, ogee edge, pencil round, eased edge, half bullnose, and also vanity tops, wall panels for interiors and exteriors, doorsteps, staircases, etc.

CMS Brembana 5-Axis VENKON Bridge Saw:
A very high-performance and sturdy machine which can cut up to 200 mm thickness of the stone, while being fully automatic, which increases productivity by more than 60% in contrast to a conventional bridge saw machine. It is best suited for drilling, milling, pocketing and contouring of all types. It helps TAB handle highly customized projects with cutting-edge accuracy and precision.

Apart from these, TAB has been using the following machines in the past.

Comandulli Omega 100:
It’s a well-known edge polishing and profiling machine. It can handle any thickness between 10 and 100 mm with added capabilities for calibration, gauging, straight edge, bevels, upper groove, lower groove, quirk miters, sloping cuts and polishing, slot cuts in general, bullnose, edges with regular round shapes (quarter bullnose, half bullnose, etc.).

Breton Spider Bridge Saws:
3-axis Breton bridge saws for continuous operation, specially calibrated to cut slabs of marble, granite and composite materials into perfect sizes.

GMM bridge saw machines: 
Another sophisticated 4-axis bridge saw which supports automatic, as well as, manual operations. The machine is most useful for a single cut, multiple cut and inclined cut with angles ranging from 0° to 90°. With blade size going up to 625 mm, it allows cuts of varied depths enabling TAB to obtain tiles of marble/granite or squaring up of slabs.

Pellegrini Continuous Flaming Machine: 
A very useful and important machine for projects which can use a rough textured facade. This is a continuous flaming machine that comes with a series of minor adjustments — especially ensuring a very smooth and uniform texture – which otherwise cannot be achieved by a manual/hand-held flaming operation.

TAB also has various other equipment to provide different textured finishes, such as scratch surface, bushhammered and shot-blasted surfaces on various stones, which have been gaining a lot of interest among both projects, as well as regular stone importers/distributors. The pre-fabricated countertop market for factory-finished products is a very interesting business for the company, especially given its quartz surface business, where the demand continues to grow.

“Apart from the simple cut-to-size and pre-fabricated countertop business, we were also receiving a lot of requests for special finishes as well as three-dimensional finishes on surfaces,” said Sumit Gupta, managing director of TAB. “These CNC machines will be able to target exactly that market in addition to what we already do. Value addition and pushing the limits of artistic expression on different stone surfaces is what we feel challenged by. We are growing organically to not just be viewed as a surfaces company, but as someone who can supply lifestyle options as far as design and creativity can take you.”