A lot of the stone fabrication business is done on a person-to-person basis. As businesses try to weather the storm during the Covid-19 outbreak, or possibly restructure their business entirely, it’s important to be aware of the digital solutions that are out there to help fabricators. One of these solutions is Quote Countertops.

“More people are online now than they have ever been before,” said Frank Sciarrino, chief operating officer of Quote Countertops. “82% of people start online shopping before meeting in person. Your first impression is your online business. There are fabrication shops out there that have millions of dollars invested in their shop but they don’t have any digital shopping solutions.”

For the month of April, Quote Countertops is allowing their system to be used for free by countertop professionals. The process starts with a web conference with the company so they can run through the features and also set up their website and social media channels to receive countertop quotes online.

“Our dashboard is made to scale so it works with any shop,” said Sciarrino. “All the major products are in our software, so as a fabricator you just select what you offer and then put in your price. We can get people on board in a week and sometimes in a couple of days.”

As homeowners are told to keep social distancing and even after the pandemic subsides homeowners may still be warry of letting people into their homes. This is why it is important to have the ability to receive quotes and continue work going through your pipeline in a variety of ways.

“Shoppers today are different than before and they are buying online,” said Sciarrino. “One of the largest seller of countertops in this country is Home Depot and they are putting prices online and letting people checkout online. In the world today, you are either Netflix or you’re Blockbuster. Netflix still continues to innovate and change their business model while Blockbuster no longer exists.”

You can start your free month by going to their website at http://quotecountertops.com/