Chicago - Produced in large-format slabs (3365 mm in length), Lapitec is the first material with an identical surface, edges and internal composition to come on the market. The full body sintered stone, composed of a mix of 100% natural minerals and developed by the Italian company of the same name, is distributed in the Midwest by the American Granite Company.  
The result of innovative technology backed by 25 separate patents, Lapitec is now well-known in the architecture, interiors and product design sectors, and is present in over 70 markets internationally. The American market is no exception, and since Lapitec's debut in 2012 has been of fundamental importance to the company. The appointment is for February 25, 2020, when the Lapitec Academy (an after-sales support and training service for industry professionals), in collaboration with the American Granite Company, will hold training days in Chicago entirely dedicated to fabricators from the Midwest. The offices of the distributor, at 1951 Lively Boulevard, will play host to courses highlighting the simplicity of machining sintered stone as well as its potential applications. The training represents an important opportunity to get to know this innovative material, available in 17 colors and 7 different surface finishes, which can be applied as a covering on horizontal and vertical surfaces, swimming pools, roofs, ventilated facades, and is also used for tables, kitchens and bathrooms, thanks to its consolidated technical qualities and extreme versatility across a range of applications.