The Natural Stone Institute will be holding a Wine & Stone session at KBIS next week at 3 p.m. on January 22 in room N229.

The speakers will be Dacia Woodworth, architect & design community liaison for the Natural Stone Institute and Evan Cohen, president and CEO of Quality Marble & Granite.

Do you prefer your wine to be red or white; sweet or dry? What about your natural stone: hard, soft, veined, patterned? This engaging and fun session will incorporate wine tasting with natural stone knowledge. All chardonnays are genetically the same. All marbles are geologically the same. Soil composition and climate impact the taste of wine, while mineral composition and formation impact a stone’s look. Learn why these elements come into play and help determine the characteristics of both wine and stone.

(Qualifies for 0.1 NKBA CEU, 1.00 NAHB CE hour, 1.0 NARI CEU)

Learning Objectives

• Find out how formation and mineral composition impact the characteristics of natural stone as a countertop material.
• Compare and contrast similar types of stone from different regions.
• Gain insights and create analogies for how wine and stone formations correlate.
• Learn about the primary factors that impact natural stone’s performance as a building and countertop material:
a. Formation: Sedimentary, metamorphic, Igneous
b. Mineral Composition: Calcareous, Siliceous
c. Every Stone is Unique. Tell their stories to give them a life and personality of their own.