The Vitória Stone Fair | Marmomac Latin America is scheduled for February 11 to 14, 2020 in Espírito Santo, Brazil. The international stone exhibition brings together major extraction and processing companies of natural stone, equipment and machinery, and other technologies from all over the world. Its intention for the coming year is to strengthen its presence in the industry and to grow in attendance and exhibitors. The event is an opportunity to conduct face-to-face business, evaluate products and services, work with marketing tools, expand actions and product launches, and strengthen partnerships and prospect new markets.

With Brazil having the largest diversity of natural stones in the world – there are more than 1,200 varieties – and Espírito Santo being the largest producer and exporter of slabs and blocks in the country, it is appropriate that the region is the setting for the Vitória Stone Fair | Marmomac Latin America. During the four-day exhibition, the fair will welcome professionals from the most varied sectors related to the extraction and processing of stones, construction, architecture and design. The event is also open to students from industry-related areas.

For the 2020 edition, there will be more than 1,000 stone varieties on display, 240 exhibitors, more than 15,000 visitors, 120 international buyers invited and 51 participating countries.

Positive signs

Vitoria Stone Fair | Marmomac Latin America continually works to reinforce its importance as an increasingly international exhibition, focused on promoting business and culture in the sector. The 2020 edition will include exhibiting companies from nine countries, in addition to the presence of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, which represents other 21 countries of the Arab world.

Returning will be exhibitors from China, Spain, Italy and Portugal, as well as Egypt, India, Iran and Turkey. Moreover, the fair will be attended for the first time by a company from Australia. According to Milanez & Milaneze, the fair’s management, this movement is the result of a warming of domestic economy, especially in the construction sector, and also from the promotion of the Brazilian fair abroad.

“In the event program, we always seek to foster business and strengthen the stone sector in Brazil and Latin America, providing networking opportunities, bringing new markets and encouraging the exchange between companies and entities with international participants,” said Flávia Milanez, director of Milanez & Milaneze. “In addition, there has been an effort since the last editions to integrate the segment with architects, decorators and designers, promoting the use of stone in projects around the world.”

In addition to the participation of companies in the international market, the positive projections of the construction industry should also contribute to closing deals and partnerships during Vitoria Stone Fair | Marmomac Latin America. The president of SindusCon-SP, Odair Senra said that the growth projection of Construction GDP for 2019 is still shy, of 0.5%, but that the prospects for next year are more positive, especially with the new releases.

This movement is already reflecting, for example, in the growth of material sales from the construction industries in the last quarter of 2019. “We are excited by the prospect that recent releases by homebuilders in the country will quickly result in good sales and construction start, which will benefit the construction industry,” said Senra. “There has also been a growth in business with the ornamental stone industries, especially those located in significant metropolitan regions, and it is expected to extend to other capitals and major inland cities in 2020.”