Founded in 2012 by then college students Zachary Quinn and Brian Keller, Love Your Melon is a non-profit organization committed to fighting pediatric cancer. After using it in his own home, Quinn decided to incorporate Cambria designs at the Love Your Melon’s flagship store in Minneapolis’ North Loop district.

"Our goal was to create a physical space that could represent the Love Your Melon brand," said Quinn. "We were excited to take our brand elements from their existence online to a physical space where customers could interact with our products and be a part of the story. We call this space the Love Your Melon Studio and use it for concerts, pop-up events, product drops and giving events."

For the project, Quinn went with Cambria’s Skara Brae collection -- choosing large white marble-look slabs with lightly flowing veining throughout. The slabs were used for a large 50-foot bench running beneath a product wall. Skara Brae was also employed in the kitchen and bar areas, as well as a private office. "We went for a clean, modern and light appearance in the space," said Quinn. "Our goal was to create a space that could exist on its own while empty, but also be a blank canvas for the products we would put into it and events that we would host here. Cambria fit our goals perfectly by providing beautiful modern [stone-look] elements.

"Love your Melon is a brand born out of Minnesota as is Cambria," Quinn went onto say. "Cambria and Love Your Melon have similar missions, to bring beautiful and high-quality products to consumers, provide jobs in our communities and help those in need.”

The project took approximately six months from start to finish. "The installation was easy and seamless," said Quinn. "Mostly due to Cambria’s excellent installation team and the work of Noonan Construction, our design partner and contractor.

"People are impressed by the beauty we have brought to the North Loop community in Minneapolis," Quinn went onto say. "Some have said it looks like a studio in LA or New York."