At an elevation of 2,000 feet at the Jasper Highlands in Jasper, TN, Dawn D. Totty designed a kitchen with a classic and timeless look for her family’s new home, one that reflects the beautiful mountaintop surroundings.

"Kitchen islands are a perfect place to introduce a bit of a 'Wow' factor as the stone is placed horizontally unlike a backsplash where it is seen basically from all angles," said Totty. "I typically make the stone surfaces the focal point to a kitchen and highly advise your stone products are one of the first selections to be made and work everything else around the undertones and pattern that form the stone." The spacious kitchen island boasts a 68- x 101-inch slab of granite from Granite Warehouse in Chattanooga, TN, with a bold color pattern and substantial movement called Silver Cloud.

The 25- x 116-inch granite counters provide ample prep space for the family gatherings and entertaining. Gold Line Tile provided the white subway tiles in the traditional 3- x 6-inch sizes. "Keeping the backdrop from the open concept living room into the kitchen clean and seamless was one of our highest priorities," said Totty. "Technically, open concept is one large room with two separate zones."

The spacious 3,600-square-foot home with vaulted ceilings required a nicely sized kitchen with plenty of storage and cooking space. "The entire kitchen installation took place in just a few short weeks with little challenges," said Totty. "Other than the usual anticipating of its completion.

"The homeowners are managers to a high-profile musician in Nashville, TN," Totty went onto say. "The reaction to all of their many guests is we would never leave this amazing kitchen."