Walker Zanger takes surfacing to innovative heights with its two surfaces Magna Recycled Glass Slab and Secolo Porcelain Slab. With new ways to produce glass and porcelain slab materials, these collections give designers and homeowners the opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone when it comes to designing a kitchen or environment space.

Rooted in innovation and artistry, the visionaries at Walker Zanger travel the world in search of the most thought-provoking surfaces. From recycled glass to malachite to thinner-than-stone porcelain slabs that emulate natural marble veining, their unique offerings unearth compelling new design possibilities by emboldening designers and homeowners to experiment with unexpected materials. Walker Zanger’s curated collection of surface materials brings texture, dimension and color to any room or building, inspiring designers to shape their boldest and most unconventional spaces yet.

Available in multiple color ways, this environmentally friendly building and interior design material is made from 100% recycled industrial glass and glass bottles and was recently selected as a 2019 Architizer A+ Awards Popular Choice winner in the “Finishes – Hard Surfacing” category. Modern and clean, Magna Recycled Glass Slabs are developed using a crystallization course where parts of the production are done by hand. This artisanal process creates a translucent optic and crystal-like brilliance that will elevate any home or business.

Throughout history, the beauty of marble in architecture and design has been unrivaled—until now. Meet the Secolo Porcelain Slab, a revolutionary material that matches marble in its aesthetics but outshines it in durability. Because porcelain is nonporous and stain-proof, it is impervious to red wine, lemon juice and other acids that would otherwise stain natural stone. With zero maintenance and decidedly thinner than traditional stone slabs, the Secolo Porcelain line boasts endurance without sacrificing beauty and authenticity.