KNOXVILLE -- Braxton-Bragg has been named Certified Preferred Partner of FLEX Tools for the stone industry. This partnership will allow for some unique cross-functional promotions. FLEX is the German company that invented the first high-speed angle grinder in the world in 1954, now known as “Das Original,” as well as being the first to implement water into an electric tool for stone grinding and polishing. 

“FLEX’s reputation of creating quality, innovative handheld tools for the stone industry, is a perfect fit for our customers and company philosophy,” said Braxton-Bragg CEO Rick Stimac. “In business since 1922, FLEX is still making quality products based on the original first-to-market concepts, but also innovating at the industry grows. The two companies share a vision for creating and adapting to the current and future market, to give our customers what they need to do their jobs well.” 

“Braxton-Bragg has exemplary customer service, and this partnership is a great opportunity to elevate ourselves in the stone business,” said Andrew Pompei, 
regional sales manager – central, FLEX. “The communications they have in place, translates to FLEX selling more through Slippery Rock Gazette, the mobile website, additional outside sales associates, and being deeply entrenched in the stone industry. FLEX has been in business nearly 100 years, but this partnership helps us both reach current and future stone fabricators.”

“As an innovative company, we recognize Braxton-Bragg as a leader in delivering high quality products and service to the market,” said Chris Metcalf, FLEX sales manager. “Our R&D teams are dedicated to the industries they serve. We are always innovating, but most FLEX products are evolved from, and built upon the LW1503 water polisher. As we launch new products, we optimize them for today’s market with variable speeds, soft starts, and improved ways to deliver water to the cutting area, knock dust down and cool the diamonds. This partnership has just caught lightning in bottle, and we are about to disrupt the market in a powerful way.” 

 “Both companies echo the same mentality, believe in the other team, and have confidence in this partnership to the fullest,” added Stimac. “Our shared knowledge of the industry’s past, as well as our willingness to ride the future wave, makes for a winning combination.”