Atlanta, GA – InnoChem, LLC, a specialty chemical manufacturer and supplier to the countertop, stone, tile, panel and construction industries announces it is moving its headquarters to a new, larger space in Atlanta, GA to accommodate continued business growth. InnoChem LLC manufactures the KBond adhesives and color pigments and represents the Akemi products in North America.

InnoChem LLC, which celebrated its tenth-year of business and partnership with Akemi GmbH in 2019, will leverage its new manufacturing and office space to provide expanded services for its clients while providing new internal operational efficiencies. The new facility also will provide InnoChem LLC with improved, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and supply chain to facilitate improved efficiencies while providing the company with further room for growth.

“We’re truly happy and excited to relocate to our new manufacturing space in Atlanta, GA,” said Andrew Landis, vice president and sales director of InnoChem LLC. “We’re especially pleased to be able to move into a new building with significantly more space while remaining in our home city of Atlanta, GA. More than anything, this move represents our continued ironclad commitment to serving our clients and helping them foster business growth through effective manufacturing, training, and representation of our product lines.”