Located in Vienna, Austria, Juan Amador has opened his new restaurant, Wirthaus and Greisslerei. The restaurant features Neolith Beton Silk surfacing for the restaurant's countertops and central island in the kitchen. Neolith is made by Spain-based manufacturer, TheSize.

“We are thrilled that Neolith is the brand of choice for such an esteemed and well-respected chef in the culinary world,” said Mar Esteve, director of marketing for Neolith. “We have seen our sintered stone surfacing increasingly become the material of choice for many within the industry due to its beautiful, natural properties and having the ability to withstand the intense conditions in the kitchen.”

Beton, part of Neolith’s Fusion collection, draws inspiration from classic architectural materials such as concrete that adds a subtle, yet contemporary industrial style to design environments. While conceptualizing the restaurant, Amador stressed the importance of the design throughout the space due to its modern, open concept. Set within a 200-year-old wine cellar, the restaurant allows guests to see recipes come to life with an exposed kitchen, while pairing exposed brick arches and vaulted ceilings that represent the historic side of the space. With its classic properties, Beton was selected as it was able to incorporate modern elements to ensure a pleasing contrast for diners. Opting for a combination of stainless steel and concrete-effect surfacing lent a playful industrial influence to the overall concept. 

“We chose Neolith surfacing due to its versatility and durability, especially under the physical rigors of a professional kitchen,” said Chef Juan Amador. “The Beton Silk sintered stone countertops convey a hyper-realistic interpretation of natural stone, yet modern feel, all while being low maintenance, easy to clean, and resistant to extreme temperatures for the different techniques we use.”