Harbor City, CA - Dale Chihuly, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Rene Lalique: these famous artists pushed the boundaries of glass design, bringing art glass to the forefront of popular culture.   

Lunada Bay Tile expands its passion for the breathtaking beauty of art glass with Birdscape. This new collection of handmade glass birds draws on a fusion of glassmaking traditions to create one-of-a-kind works of art. Each of these delicate avian creatures is lovingly crafted using the lost wax technique, which uses hand-carved wax mold, plaster, and molten glass. Beautifully carved details in the feathers, wings, and tails make each bird a unique treasure.

“The Birdscape collection embodies the relationship between museum-quality art glass and Lunada Bay Tile. As such, it represents the essence of what we do here every day—fusing the traditions of glassmaking in the design and craft of each of our mosaics,” said Carl Steadly, president and CEO of Lunada Bay Tile, and an avid collector of art glass who expresses his artistic vision through the creation of glass mosaic tile.

Since 2002, Lunada Bay Tile has produced handcrafted glass tile collections through old and new techniques of glassmaking that elevate design possibilities and create statements using color, shape, texture and luminosity. Each new tile collection strives to connect people to the aspirational space of their imagination.

“Glass is a versatile medium, and we are very excited about being part of this new movement where glass is growing as the choice for artistic expression,” Steadly said. “The delicate, expressive creatures of Birdscape are a cross-pollination of perspectives, making it possible for glass mosaics to become part of a larger conversation about personal expression.”

Create your own narrative by displaying these glass birds individually or in an installation that emulates a flock of birds in flight. The Birdscape collection is available in three styles and seven colors. The birds come in several translucent, nature-inspired hues: Deep Sky, a vibrant blue; Royal Velvet, a purple-infused blue; Silver Lining, a spirited dark grey; Pasture, a sultry green; Ethos, an ethereal light green; Harvest, an amber-toned green; and the latest, Pink Moment, inspired by the majestic sunsets in Ojai, California.