HARBOR CITY, CA -- Lunada Bay Tile takes inspiration from the ancient Japanese art of paper folding with the introduction of Origami Mosaic glass tile. Delicate angles and subtle geometry emulate the techniques and visuals seen in the iconic art form and recreate them in glass.

With its Origami Mosaic collection, Lunada Bay Tile is blazing a new trail in terms of innovation within the glass tile category, according to Carl Steadly, Lunada Bay Tile President and CEO. "It takes effort, skill and time to produce a typical work of origami, and the creativity is only limited by the delicate nature of the paper you are folding," said Lunada Bay Tile Creative Director Feras Irikat. "The glass manufacturing process is similar as well; you are only limited by its delicate nature, and your skill in creating and molding it will determine the level of sophistication of the final product."

Origami Mosaics are available in eight colors and four patterns -- Nami, Sway, Vesper and Vesper Twist.

"Iconic origami forms and shapes have inspired architecture, fashion and interior design," Irikat added. "Now, we are taking this inspiration to a whole new medium, which gives surfaces a futuristic and striking appeal."

To learn more, visit www.lunadabaytile.com.