Guidoni Group – worldwide leader in ornamental stone extraction and processing based in Espìrito Santo in Brazil – announces the acquisition of two new quarries in the country: “Via Lactea” and “Emerald Green”, which supply two new stones. With almost 50 granite, quartzite and exotic stone quarries, Guidoni Group is the leading exporter of blocks and slabs in Brazil, offering the international market a wide range of prestigious coverings ideal for the most sophisticated projects.

Located in Santo Antônio do Grama in Minas Gerais state, the “Via Lactea” quarry reveals the immense charm of the celestial skies from which it takes its name. As enveloping as the cloak of night, the “Via Lactea” granite distinguishes itself for its deep dark colour dotted with white veins, conveying modernity, luminosity and prestige to any space.

The “Emerald Green” quarry, situated in Mirangaba in Bahia state is suggestive of a precious and exotic dream. The glossy surface of the “Emerald Green” quartzite is a delicate green with extraordinary shades of emerald, cream, gold and greys intertwined. The exceptional harmony of shades and the material’s typical translucence make it perfect for backlighting projects.

To date, Guidoni Group supplies the national and international market with 15,000 m³ raw blocks per month and 170,000 m² natural stone. Leader in the raw stone segment, Guidoni Group is planning on expansion in the sale of finished products, also taking into consideration the investment in the new specially dedicated logistic hub.

Acquisitions are not the only news for Guidoni Group: a new product dedicated to the national market will enhance the brand’s portfolio. The product in question is Mykonos quartzite whose beauty explodes in the perfection of the bookmatched process, where two adjacent surfaces are mirror images, creating a unique design which accentuates the exclusive appeal of natural stone.   

“We intend to always continue proposing new products, focusing on the individuality of natural Brazilian stones which have extraordinary veining and unique colours and shades. Via Lactea and Emerald Green are high-impact solutions, in line with the market trend to pursue contemporary, creative and versatile coverings” said Rafael Guidoni, company CEO.

The know-how acquired in over 25 years’ experience in the sector gives Guidoni Group the competence to mould the beauty of nature into products with unmistakable aesthetics that decorate spaces with the allure that only a prestigious material can attract.

The green base colour melts into the emerald, cream, grey and gold veins in Emerald Green quartzite, uniting the prestigious and sumptuous aesthetics of marble with the high resistance of granite.

An authentic masterpiece sculpted by nature over the years. The Via Lactea granite takes on black and white hues in a surprising pattern resembling the universe.