LOS ANGELES -- Natural stone is one of the earth's truest natural treasures, one that artisans can skillfully call attention to through superior craftsmanship and human ingenuity. Walker Zanger's two new natural stone collections—Fragmenta Terrazzo and Marble Luxe—are inspired by this time-honored craftsmanship, yet invigorated with contemporary sophistication. These new large-format tiles form a worldly compilation of colors and designs that work in balance with each other to deliver an elevated overall design experience.

"These new collections are an homage to the limitless potential of natural stone and our legacy and experience in selecting only the finest quality materials," said Erika Egede-Nissen, director of marketing. "Fragmenta Terrazzo and Marble Luxe deliver classically-inspired and skillfully-crafted tile in a versatile selection of formats that celebrate each material through modern styles and beautifully neutral colors to unify your designs."

True to the historical inspiration behind the new collections, Walker Zanger has partnered with one of Italy's oldest family-owned terrazzo tile makers, combining ancient roots and contemporary trends to create the Fragmenta Terrazzo collection. It combines the unique, composite characteristics of classic terrazzo tiles seen in 17th century Venetian palazzos with sleek, modern shades of grey, white and black. Offered in large 24-by-24-inch tiles, the collection blends tradition and innovation to produce a tile that is both rich with history and in line with current design sensibilities.

The new Marble Luxe collection elevates the classic elegance and refined style of marble even further. Cut from large blocks usually reserved for slabs, this tile is offered in a premium size with minimal thickness for easier installation and thinner grout lines. Incorporating crisp colors and patterns, Marble Luxe accentuates the superior quality of marble while transcending the traditional look and feel of more conventional marble tiles through colors like bold turquoise, creamy whites, warm browns and rich greys.

Fragmenta Terrazzo and Marble Luxe are part of the new Curated Elegance collection by Walker Zanger, which includes three exclusive natural stone tile collections that celebrate skillful craftsmanship and modern styles to unify any design space. Visit walkerzanger.com/curatedelegance to learn more.