Always on the leading edge, Cereser Marmi S.p.A. has continuously invested in research and development, as well as technology, to offer its customers unique high-quality stone products. Based in Verona, Italy, the international stone supplier has been serving the stone industry for more than 50 years. “We have to invest in things that will make us different,” said owner Domenico Cereser. “This includes new technology, material and the way of doing things.” Most recently, Cereser has introduced a “Food Safe” program for countertops, which it proudly states is the first in the world.

The company owner explained that five years ago Cereser Marmi partnered with Tenax, a leading Italian producer and distributor of mastics, resins, abrasives, surface treatments and tools to work with natural stone, quartz and ceramic, to offer stone countertops with a protective coat that does not cause harm when food comes in contact with it. Cereser’s Food Safe program guarantees unique levels of performance, safety and quality on all materials the company processes in Italy. The certified epoxy system was specially developed by Tenax for Cereser in compliance with very strict European regulations. These exclusive resins used by Cereser for the enhancement of natural stone are characterized by a specific antibacterial certification – a guarantee of complete sanitization. “The use of the new Cereser resins is enhanced by Breton’s first-in-the-world resining system to use microwave technology – a further guarantee of performance, safety and quality made in Italy,” according to a statement made by the company.

Cereser explained the companies collaborated on the Food Safe program because they both believed in the importance of it. “We decided to invest together,” he said.

This new program is one of many innovative developments the company has launched since it was founded in 1965 by Gian Luigi Cereser in the town of Domegliara, near Verona. A few years after its inception, it grew so much that an expansion was necessary so it moved to its current location in Rivoli, which is also in the province of Verona.

Through the years, Cereser Marmi continued to expand — constructing new buildings and investing in technology. In 2003, the idea originated to convert the slab warehouses to showrooms – allowing customers to peruse the aisles of seemingly endless varieties of marble, onyx, travertine, granite, quartzite and other exotic material. The company has approximately 400 different types in all.

Stone Worldhas had the opportunity to visit Cereser Marmi’s facility several times over the years. At our most recent stop by, the owner explained how they have plans to construct another building, which they hope to have completed by next fall. “It will be a bigger showroom with offices,” said Cereser. “It will provide a place for architects and designers to work. We are creating it just for our clients.”

Among other recent introductions is the company’s Master Countertop collection – featuring 100 quartzite and granite varieties. “We have tested them at our factory and believe they are the best for kitchen countertops,” explained Cereser. “We give the samples to all the kitchen studios we work with.”

Additionally, the company introduced augmented reality two years ago. “So many people ask what it will look like,” said Cereser. “This enables them to see what the stone will look like in their particular application.”

Moreover, Cereser Marmi has created a sample box that provides an overall view of the company’s stone selection. “We have installed almost 100 around the world,” said Cereser. “It’s a simple way to show all we have in stock. We have new quartzites. They look like marble but are so much stronger. We are pushing them.”

Overall, Cereser wants to educate customers, particularly the architectural and design community, on the qualities and benefits of natural stone. “I am completely against the fake products,” he said. “We really have to invest in communication.”